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CSharp LAN Network chat client


Here's the story. You're at work, you've got nothing to do. The servers are down, and you've got no emails.
What would you do?
I did what any self respecting coder would do and made a program.

I have a work mate who sits over the desk from me (Rasesh Dave). We usually chat the day away over emails except for this fine day. We couldn't do anything and we communicated by passing notes which caught everyones attention which wasn't the best solution.

I mean I had a day to turn something around, from nothing. I begun with a basic interface and then just hacked away until I got the gui communicating with the server application I made. And then bounced it back to all of the IPs the server had stored.

There are a few things which I want to automate yet, as well as fixing the known bugs, but the entire source of what I made is downloadable here. Comment if you would like these files

A few things before you get messaging happy you will have to change the IP of the server as it is hard coded on both sides as my work IP.

Current Bugs:

  • The connects remain open, these can cause funny behavior if you wish to restart the connect and these need to be closed manually. Solution stick each connection in a using block
  • Servers IP and Clients IP needs to be input manually, these should be done automatically
  • Disclaimer the code available for download here is supplied free of charge and no responsibility is taken for inproper use. Every effort has been taken to keep this safe, but I advise a virus check first.
Any other issues please inform me and I'll post them.

Happy coding.

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