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The Web's Most Useful Tools


Coding is full of pressure fun and a HELL of a lot of tediousness. We just put up with some of the most mundane tasks and bash away at our keyboards until they're done.

Thankfully though, there are some very considerate coders who take it upon themselves to help us out and by them, I am humbled.
The interweb is full of every tool you can imagine; just the other day I was bashing through a whole buch of xhtml removing whitespace and thought sod this for a packet of crisps and a lager.
I googled removing whitespace and got a link to a page where somebody had done this for me.

I have begun a list of all of the greatest web tools available, I will add to these but feel free to add your own. You can "linkerise" the links if you know html.

Whitespace remover

C-sharp - VB converter

Trace an IP to a location

Google page ranker

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