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Request Response


I have many friends, some of them are real people! But many of them don't understand some of the web fundamentals.
Any coder can code, whether its web-dev or software engineering, but some coders new to the whole world of web dev, don't really understand the meaning of response request.

Request - by definition is the process of which a internet user (surfer) asks a server for some information. There are many ways which a request could be made, for example... YOU requested that this page be served to you from the server its hosted on. But even within that request stream there were a number of request responses made. But before I break that down further, let me try and define the response stream.

Response - by definition is the server "responds" to your request with the best solution. It could be a 404 page, or it could be the home page to a site.

Example: You type in "" into the address bar, the browser forms a request to send to the DNS server, the DNS receives this and responds with the IP for the location of google. The browser the goes to this IP and requests that something be served, the server looks at the "protocal" and looks for something to serve in http. The server then respons to the http request with the default home page, (index.html, default.html etc...).

There's not much more to understand about this whole Response Request stream, however just think next time you go surfing how many requests and responses are made?

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