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Technological convergence

I was amazed today. I was blogging for another on of my sites, but I wasn't at work, I wasn't at my desk in my room, I was shopping in sainsbury's with my mother. Nowadays, you don't need to be a computer to run your life.

Everything these days is able to connect to the internet, I have seen fridges that order milk over the internet when the you are low. Your house has had for many years a thermostat that is able to control the temperature of the house hour by hour. The world (in fact) could run without, our interaction.

Today its possible for us to close the garage doors in london via a phone call from the south of france.

Anyway back to my story, I needed to express myself through blog about an issue that was bothering me, and I was able to tap in the letter on to my site using my cell phone. I was so amazed I cheered myself up(!). From now on each train journey I am able to write a new article. and I think that this is the greatest thing about living in our era.

In short....

We have Televisions controled by the internet, PC's controlling the internet, Mobile phones controling PCs, and all these types of media are able to work together to enrich our lives.

Because of this we need the latest technology to keep, We need flat screen high definition fridges, with a 10meg bit highspeed internet connection, and a phone with wap, and a qwerty keyboard that will fit in to the palm of your hand. And we want all of this, and in the current climate of interest rates and loans, people can't afford to keep up.

Sounds good, whats the problem

So as some people are trying to keep up, they use Mr Jones next door to feed thier addiction. What I'm trying to get at is mobile convergence has given seed to Mobile faud. Everything is floating around on the internet. All you need is a name or a phone number, and you can have everything about this person. And the Email is more valuable that both those, because with an email, you can find the person on a Web2.0 site (facebook), learn about them, use this information break into thier hotmail, and identity fraud central.

Don't get me wrong I love web 2.0.

What do we do?

We need to treat the web like a herpes infected prostitute, and only then can we move forward together wearing our virtual condom, which protects us from the viruses and fraudsters.

But in esence the only way we can be 100% certain that nobody will lay us to fraud is to not use the internet, not use the corporate system of bank accounts, and loans. Not get a mortgage, not move in to a new house. Not get a mobile phone. but then whats the whole point. We need to move forward, annd up. And not worry about what can happen on the way.

I love mobile convergence

Thats it, I'm sold. Convergence is the greatest thing that has happened to us. All of our communication mediums working together to make our lives go by wuicker and easier, ultimately killing our planet, and shortening existence by the use of masses of electricity, but in this case I believe the means justify the ends!

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